Good morning, everyone! Today just a quick post because 1) It’s Thursday, and 2) I wanted to announce my mini-break – Not that anyone will miss me. But basically I will be travelling to Switzerland and will only be back on Tuesday. You’ll still see a few posts from me that had to be scheduled, but if you don’t get any replies or contact from me, don’t be surprised.

Finished Reading:

This was not a very productive week, but I did manage to finish the following:
get real tellulah

Currently Reading (And loving it):


I have also been listening to this one at work, but lately things have been too chaotic to even have time to breathe, so it’s kind of on standby, even if I was actually enjoying this more than I thought I would:

Fireblood (Mirrowen) - Jeff Wheeler

And . . . NEW BOOKS!  To add to my extensive TBR. These are all Kindle format, so you know I’ve acquired them either because they were a) on offer, b) a freebie, c) review request.

Dark Eden

Shadowfell (Shadowfell, #1)
Rising Tide (Sirens, #1)
The Sworn Sword (The Hedge Knight, #2)
Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)

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      Thank you! I did have a good time. I haven’t read Juliet Marillier in ages so I am very happy with this purchase:)


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