So this week Thursday is early! This is because I have a few scheduled posts related to book promotions and giveaways, and I don’t want to spam everyone with my posts.

Finished Reading:


And you can find the review of Throne of Glass here.





Currently Reading:

I am putting Wild Seed on hold, not because it’s not interesting (it’s actually the opposite), but because I want to prioritize my review copies.

New on TBR:

Thanks to Url Phantomhive @ Booklikes, I have become a reviewer subscriber for Curiosity Quills and got to chose three brand new e-books from their catalogue. These were the ones I have picked:

If you sign up until October 20, you too can get three free e-books of your choice. Reviews are not mandatory but appreciated. If you are only hearing about this event now and do decide to sign up, it would be amazing that you’d let me tell them that you’ve been referred by me.

I have also signed up for a trial of Kindle Unlimited, just because I could get free access to the Red Sneaker series (5 books) recommended to me by Troy @Booklikes. As part of my Kindle Unlimited experience, this is what I got to read for free (Oz Reimagined came with free audio too):

And this is all for today, I am trying to keep my goals realistic.

Have a good week, everyone.

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  1. Genea @ My Heart Beats For Books

    Just want to let you know that I signed up with Curiosity Quills. I mentioned that I was referred by you in the comments area, you can let them know also. I guess I just wait to hear from them now about my free books. And thanks for the referral.

    • Nya

      Thank you! Let me know which name you’ve used to sign up, and I will let them know:) Yes, I first received a few newsletters from them, and then somebody contacted me about my free ebooks, I was really happy because I got to choose. Enjoy!


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