Kiera's Moon by Lizzy FordWhen starving artist Kiera wakes up on board a spaceship, she panics. Her best friend has dragged her across the universe to help her find a man and a life, only the man she ends up unwittingly hooking up with is a battle-hardened warrior prince living in exile.Calculating, cautious A’Ran wants nothing more than to reclaim his planet. He needs Kiera as his lifemate to heal his planet and his war weary people. He’s not prepared to be a lifemate himself, and discovers almost too late what he risks losing if he can’t learn to be more than a warrior.

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This book didn’t catch my attention instantly, and contrary to popular opinion, I didn’t think the strongest point was its beginning or the main character.
It actually started to grow on me after the first half – probably a bit too late.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. Were the characters annoying? Yes. Could they have been more explored? Definitely.

The World Building & Plot
The connection between the real world and the ‘other world’ is supported by a very ‘shallow’ background story. So we go from a silly best friends situation to a whole war zone. And all of a sudden, we are thrown into a completely different narrative! We are also fed several weird names and concepts we have no option but to grasp quickly.
I can imagine many dropping the book at this stage.

The Characters
Kiera is the most contradicting character ever: She is supposed to have a strong personality and be ‘tough as hell’. She can escape an unknown planet and she can challenge a man at least twice her size; however she cannot stand up for herself and stand against her very controversial ‘best friend’! She is also supposed to be smart; however she keeps deeming her best friend’s behaviours as acceptable or even reasonable! Not only that, but she seems to have trouble to understand very basic things and at the same time, she manages way more complex situations.
About Evelyn, her best friend, I cannot remember the last time I have found a character as annoying as this one. Evelyn is not only shallow, she is also selfish and the opposite of a ‘best friend’, yet she is still considered a sister, a best friend and God knows what else throughout the book. There is NO confrontation between Kiera and Evelyn. The fact that Evelyn sometimes questions her own decisions makes us think that she might be simply oblivious and blinded by other’s expectations. However, after so many ‘bad decisions’, this excuse ceases to be good enough.

The Romance
The romance might have seemed cliche and farfetched, but I loved the relationship between the two characters. Their interactions were hilarious and heart warming at the same time.
Call me a romantic but I was sad that their relationship could not be more explored and that ‘saving the planet’ was put as a priority. I actually like that the intimate scenes were ‘fade to black’, allowed more focus on the development of their relationship on other levels.

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